Saturday, October 11, 2014

When You Believe

It's a long road and we each must find our way
set our fears aside and take a chance
and so it goes, in every generation
it's the strong that rise above their circumstance

Know, deep in your soul, in the strong determined will,
there's a miracle to behold

When you believe in your mind and in your heart
it's there and then you start to set your course
When you believe you hold on forever,
to the dream that sets you free and makes you soar
Eventually, you will your destiny, when you believe

In the black night, you can never see the sun
but it's fire burns brightly while you sleep
And so it goes, it's the call of the universe
to the one who understands what can't be seen

Hold on, inside be strong, let hope endure forever 
and the dream live on and on


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